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Down in Down Under - Diary - 04/01/03

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no work

In the morning Wayne of course admonished us - what has this extension lead to do in the toilet? When we explained to him that we expected the lights to work and, just because they did not, we wanted to have some power for light, he just said: "This does not work this way!" He offered us that we can change the lightbulbs. He has not checked the lights for ages. To change the light bulbs and check the lights is of course our job.
Then spontaneously we did hundred k's around Stanthorpe to check the farms for work - unfortunately without success. So we involuntarily were able to spent the beautiful day at the caravan park, where there are of course all possibilities of entertainment! Actually I wanted to do some work on the webpage, but without power there is no way. So I used my time and really checked some of the lights. In one of them the bulb was really broken, but in another one everything was alright. Apparently power is a little to expensive for Wayne and this way he just leaves us in the dark - country style!

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