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Down in Down Under - Diary - 18/01/03

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new job and finally harbour cruise

In the morning I had my interview in the plumbing factory. It seems to be a really nice boss and of course I can start to work on Monday. It is a small family business which is mainly producing fittings. Back at Billabong I checked in again - now for a week. Then I went into town to get some cheap saftey boots in China Town. Later in the afternoon I finally did a nice harbour cruise with some Council newbies. With just one hour this of course was just a little insight into the big harbour - to see everything you probably have to charter a boat for one day. On the way back I went shopping at Coles and my change at the registers was two bucks short. Of course this is a big problem for them. The girl at the cash register could not remember anything and they told me that I have to wait until closing time, that they can check the register. This even was confirmed by the manager who I instantly demanded to speak with. I pretty much doubt that they checked the particular cash register at all as they did not even write it down when they took my number and name. So you are treated like shit personally by the manager - and this at a big company like Coles - the customer is always right! We should start to introduce something like that back home as well. This just as a bad experience in Australia! And even if - I cannot imagine it at all - it was my mistake there is this term "fairness", but apparently they do not know it.

waiting for departure @ circular quay

the blue sky is moved from the quay by tugs

big ship in the city


cross of the south, opera and harbour bridge

kiribili and north sydney

north sydney again - ads on top of every roof


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