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Down in Down Under - Diary - 21/01/03

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it is hot

Today you could really feel the reason for all the bushfires around here at the moment. It was really hot. I should be used to increased temperatures, but working at 40C is not funny at all anymore. Particularly as we welded ferules onto fittings the whole day. Due to this it is even warmer - sauna. Meanwhile all the fires around Canberra are under control, but apart from the fires near the capital there are a lot more dangerous ones in the south between Perth and Sydney. Unfortunately they do not report much about these in international- and partly national news as well. Right here in the middle of Sydney you are quite secure. There has to be a millennium-bushfire (the term century bushfire is already overused:-) to really frighten us here in the middle of Sydney.
In the afternoon I had to go into CBD. As I was in a little hurry I asked my boss for the quickest way, as I have not used public transport in Sydney so much yet. Even if I have not moved Dino at all since last Friday. It is really not easy to find a good long-term parking spot here in Newtown. Well, and my boss just answered: "My car!" - he wanted to offer me a lift into the CBD. As I have two bosses - the company is managed by two brothers - they somehow argued who will do me the favour. I really seem to be lucky this time.

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