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Down in Down Under - Diary - 25/01/03

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bbq @ coogee

Typically for aussies there is nothing apart from bbq and sport in your free time. Of course we wanted to take care of this as well and decided to do a nice bbq today at Coogee Beach. At lunch time we went to the shopping centre to do some shopping and in the afternoon we went to Coogee. There we spent the time waiting for a bbq by playing volleyball. In the meantime we of course did some preperations as well and cut mountains of onions and several other vegies to start rightaway as soon as a bbq gets available. When we finally got to the point to eat everybody was filled up pretty quickly and we finally took home half of the stuff. Later we of course went into the water to cool down again before jumping onto the last bus to Newtown just short before seven. Back at Billabong we partied on into the night - to get into the mood for Australia Day tomorrow.

our bbq table

locu is cutting the onions

mr. bbq - helge



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