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Down in Down Under - Diary - 12/07/03

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vive la lilyfield - claudias housewarming

And again a little party - nothing special. Claudia and two friends of her have her own little house now as well and a housewarmingparty had to happen of course. Naturally half of all the people from Billabong came around and we had a nice evening - of course the Billabongcrew were the last to leave, when all the Aussies already had left...

matt - lost already - no, just testing the comfy chair

john - he's back

crazy kate

kate, matt, cynthia & ina

old plumbing

john, gil & helge

alan, john, helge, gill & claudia

what is she doing?

matt & claudia

john, fiona, helge, gill & claudia


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