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Down in Down Under - Diary - 14/07/03

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spit to manly

There was one last outstanding walk left in Sydney and as the brilliant weather holds I wanted to use this day to get this done as well. From Wynyard I took the bus into the direction of Manly and jumped off at Spit Bridge to start the Manly Scenic Walkway along all the little bays to Manly. Here it is always amazing that you are actually in the middle of the city, but the nature is conveying the opposite. After a little bit more then two hours I arrived in Manly after a few really marshy parts. Here I met up with Ina - a friend from Billabong - and we went to the Narrabeen Lakes which are a little bit further north - the local tip of the day.

rails on harbour bridge

bridge & opera - different

sydney busses

here we go

spit bridge - just opening for some sailing ships

fisher bay

castle rock

from sydney harbour national park

the ferry to manly

sydney harbour national park

manly cove


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