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Down in Down Under - Diary - 03/01/03

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candles, hemp and finally stanthorpe

In the morning we visited Nimbin. First we went to the candle factory. You cannot really call it factory as there is just one man working there. But it is quiet interesting to see how candles are manufactured. Here the wick is dipped into wax every minute for one hour. Apart from that we discovered that candles are burning better, if you store them in a fridge and that there is a certain burning time (the time a candle should burn per lighting). You can calculate one hour per inch of the diameter.
After the candle factory we went back into town. Here we had a look into the museum and learned a little bit about the hippieculture of nimbin. Afterwards we had a look into several little shops and astonishingly found "hemp - made in poland" amongst other things. Apparently "love, peace and harmony" is not working so beautiful, as it seems.
Every few meters out on the street you are of course offered a nice morning smoke.
Alright this was Nimbin, unfortunately I have not taken any pictures :-(
Now we wanted to go to Stanthorpe, again 300 K's inland to Queenslands coldest town - according to reports of other travellers the fruit picking mecca. After arriving here we decided to stay at the country style accomodation park. If you stay somewhere for longer, due to comfort you would like to pay a little bit more for a powered site of course. The response to this question at the reception was just: "You don't need that. We have a decent camp kitchen with six stoves and a big fridge (comment by the author: as we realised later this was everything, in my opinion not deserving the term "kitchen"), what for do you need a powered site then? Apart from that there are no powered sites available anyway!" The next customer was offered a powered site instantly of course. Amy asked if there is some space in the dorms. And again the answer was: "Everything booked!" Alright, "country style" is a little bit basic and we will live with it.
Arriving at the spot for tents we went for a site with a light next to it as we did not want to sit in the dark tonight. No such luck, the lights are not working at all. But locu is clever and has a long extension lead. Thus we took some power for "illumination" out of the nearby toilets. Tomorrow morning we will drive around and check the farms for work.

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