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Down in Down Under - Diary - 05/01/03

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looking for a pool

Of course Wayne told us to drive around again and ask for work on all farms - if we would do this a few times, the farmers finally will show sympathy and will give us a job - alright, if you think so Wayne.
Later the group of "unemployed", which is quite big meanwhile, decided to look for a billabong somewhere along the dry creek. This meant to do hundred percent bushwalking through "snake-land". Although everybody somehow was a little bit scared, we neither saw any snakes on the walk nor the billabong recommended by Wayne. Back at the park we decided to go to Stanthorpe to finally spent the rest of the day at least near "artificial" water and jump into the pool. Well, it was just a pool, but this was enough and we managed to survive this day without dying of boredom.

bush walking


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