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Down in Down Under - Diary - 14/01/03

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big drive to sydney

Today I finally wanted to say good bye to the "centre of unemployed" Stanthorpe. Fortunately Fabrice, another unemployed mate from countrystyle accomodation park, wanted to go to Sydney as well. So the big drive down there should be funny and of course cheap as well. Just short past seven we started for the 800k's back to the big city. On the way we had a little breaky break in Armidale, but did not spent more time to see the city. Later we did a little stop in Tamworth - Country Music Capital - to take a picture of the big golden guitar. On the way through Hunter Valley we saw a little tornado - unfortunately you cannot capture things like this in pictures very good. Arriving in Newcastle just a little bit more then hundred K's left my first traffic jam in Australia ruined our schedule. We made up some lost time on the following motorway though. There Dino did a maximum performance and top speeds about 135 Km/h - unfortunately just downhill. We finally arrived in Sydney just before the dark. As Wahroonga finally was on my way I wanted to use this possibility to say hello to Michael Lehmann (a distant relative of my mothers friend). He gave me a warm welcome altough not knowing at all who I am - that is just nice. Then I explained to him how I got his adress and we talked about Australia, Germany, ...
As he could not offer me any help - I did not expect that - he gave me a really good street directory of Sydney that I at least can find my way. Afterwards we used it straightaway to find our way to Manly and there I just parked Dino somewhere on the side of the street and had a good night of sleep after this pretty exhausting day.

big guitar in Tamworth


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