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Down in Down Under - Diary - 15/01/03

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sydney again - and immediately a job

This morning it was time for "back into the big city!" It was quite a moving moment to walk into the city via Harbour Bridge after I finally found a place to leave my car on the other side. First of course I walked to the Council office to pick up my mail. There I met Katha again - how small is the world? She is just about to finish her six month and has to go back to Germany soon. I wanted to get some information about work in Griffith and Berry as well and phoned the Harvest Hotline as I wanted to stop somwhere there on my way over to the west coast if I cannot find a job in Sydney. In contrast to information from other people they told me that there is not much work around there at the moment as well, due to the drought. So I really have to find some work in Sydney. Luckily one of the Council staff offered me a job in a warehouse after I told them to take off the advertisement for Stanthorpe. In the afternoon I went to Coogee Beach and relaxed a little bit. Later in the evening I went to a caravan park near the airport and realised that it is just worth to do camping in the city if you are not alone. Otherwise it is the same price as a hostel. So I decided to stay just for one night and check everything else after work tomorrow.

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