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Down in Down Under - Diary - 16/01/03

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millions of candles

So today I worked in a warehouse and changed the barcodes of millions of candles. Of course they need you just for one day here as well and you are supposed to call them in a few days, in case they need somebody again. It does not bother these people at all that you have to survive somehow. I just cannot afford to wait in "expensive" Sydney for one week to possibly work there again for one day. After this I went to check out some accomodation again. This is quite difficult with a big car, as you have to leave it somewhere. So you have to find a reasonable hostel with the possibility of long-term parking. During weekdays usually you can just park for a few hours somewhere in the city. The next thing that ads to this is that I do not want to stay somewhere for a week as long as I do not have a job. So I called Peter from WTA and he told me the increased prices - well it is summer. So I finally went to Glebe and spent another night on the side of the road. Tomorrow I can do some job hunting in the city and probably check into triple2lodge afterwards. Later two actually adult guys started to play tennis on this road of course without caring about the cars at all.

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