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Down in Down Under - Diary - 29/01/03

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bloody thiefs

An obvious backpackers car of course I the top aim of a thief, as backpackers first of all are very wealthy and second stupid enough to leave there valuables in their car somewhere on the street in a big city like Sydney. You should try to explain this to the friendly citizen who broke into my car last night. Finally he destroyed one of the locks and of course could not find anything interesting apart from clothes. He took a few for me important things anyway. For example the lid of my big backpack and several things which were in there. Probably he expected valuables in there and dropped it in a bin when realising that it is not like that - thanks! I have just half a backpack now and have to check out how to get replacement until the end.
Reporting this incident to the police was funny though - entirely via telephone. In spite of the low crime rate here, it seems that there are enough offenses like this, that it is not worth for the police to come around and take down the case.

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