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Down in Down Under - Diary - 30/01/03

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fairwell dinner for thomas, ed & thomas

As a few really nice mates from Billabong are leaving us already again tomorrow, we decided to go for dinner somewhere in a restaurant today. So at some time we went to "fire on wok" - one of the many nice little restaurants here in Newtown. On the way there we stopped at a bottle shop as this restaurant is BYO (Bring Your Own) like many places here in Australia. This means that they do not have a license to sell alcohol and you have to bring your own drinks.
We had a really nice dinner, which was quite spicy for a few of us. The air con could not do its job, as, like in many places here, the door was wide open. So additionaly to the spicy food the heat made some of us sweat.

dinner @ fire on wok


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